The Super Yacht Industry Network Malta (SYINM) is pleased to announce its newly appointed council members. Outgoing president Kenneth Camilleri passed on the baton to Karl Naudi following the Network’s Annual General Meeting held on 6th February 2024 whereby the new council was elected.

The incoming council is made up of Karl Naudi as President, Angelique Abela as Vice President, Jessica Galea as Secretary, Pauline Micallef as Treasurer, Paul D. Cardona as Technical affairs. The council members have years of experience in the Yachting Industry and have in their personal capacity been involved for a number of years supporting the industry.

Now in its 17th year since its inception being the longest standing association in the yachting industry in Malta, SYINM plays a key role within the super yacht industry. Its relevance in 2024 coincides with Malta’s project to enhance the niche superyacht industry. Over the years Malta has established itself as Europe’s leading maritime flag. A flag which continues to grow and remain sustainable thanks to the stakeholders and operators in the industry.

Karl Naudi stressed that the network’s aim is “to build on our maritime legacy by consolidating our existing work and mapping out a solid support system for all the stakeholders in the industry. We recognise the distinctive potential Malta holds as a superyacht hub and we plan to embrace the opportunity to maximise this potential.”


The SYINM is a registered voluntary organisation that plays a pivotal role in the super yacht industry in Malta. Established 17 years ago to promote collaboration, growth, and excellence within the sector, SYINM brings together a diverse range of stakeholders, including yacht yards, yacht marinas, suppliers, surveyors, law firms, accounting firms, yacht agents, yacht chandlers, suppliers, training centres, and service providers.

At its core, SYINM aims to create a supportive and conducive environment for the super yacht industry in Malta. The organisation facilitates networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among its members, fostering a sense of community and unity within the industry. By bringing together key players, SYINM helps to strengthen Malta’s position as a leading global hub for super yachts.

One of the key focuses of SYINM is to promote the highest standards of professionalism and quality within the industry. The organisation works closely with its members to ensure compliance with international regulations and industry best practices. This commitment to excellence helps to build trust and confidence among yacht owners and operators, positioning Malta as a reliable and reputable destination for super yachts.

SYINM also actively engages with government authorities, regulatory bodies, and other industry organisations to advocate for the interests of its members. By representing the collective voice of the super yacht industry, SYINM works towards creating a favourable business environment, supporting policies and initiatives that facilitate growth and development.

In addition to its advocacy and networking efforts, SYINM also organizes various events, conferences, and workshops throughout the year. These events provide valuable opportunities for members to stay updated on the latest industry trends, exchange ideas, and forge new partnerships. From educational seminars to social gatherings, SYINM ensures that its members have access to a wide range of resources and opportunities for professional and personal growth.

In summary, the Super Yacht Industry Network Malta is a dynamic and influential organisation that serves as a catalyst for growth and collaboration within the super yacht industry. Through its networking, advocacy, and promotional efforts, SYINM plays a vital role in positioning Malta as a leading global hub for super yachts, while also fostering excellence and professionalism within the industry.